This year’s history series features expanded content including this companion podcast to explore select topics in-depth with a range of US Army Historians, as well as other historians and experts.

There is no set schedule at this time, if that changes I’ll adjust the podcast details, but I am recording episodes up front and will edit and release as close as possible to the events in the series as they happened.

We are still running two threads on Twitter each week, with one thread on my Mother of Tanks account on Tuesdays, and the second thread on Saturdays on the US Army Combined Arms Center account. Both threads will be converted to narrated presentations on YouTube.

There are also near-daily posts on my MoT Facebook page and Instagram account, “Behind the Scenes” and other videos TikTok, and many of those are added to YouTube too for convenience.

We also have some special enhanced content coming in the summer as I test out modified “staff ride” concepts for covering Operation Husky.

A couple weeks before this third year-long series kicked off, Twitter discontinued the Moments feature, so all previous threads and all threads going forward have been saved to dedicated pages on my MoT website. I have done this for the Marine Corps Museum threads as well.

Also on the website you will find pages dedicated to reference material, which I will keep adding to. There is also a page with links to all the accounts to follow if you would like to show support for this effort.

As always, I cannot possibly thank you enough for all the support and encouragement I have received for this effort. This is my third year-long series, and I have some pretty solid support coming in from the Center of Military History among others, so let’s I know it’ll be a great series.