Ads, Sponsors, and Affiliate Links

I will not allow ads in my podcast or my YouTube videos, and I create so much content for the series that making more content for a Patreon account is unrealistic at this time, but I will include affiliate links here and there, usually along with the publisher links for books, and any money paid out through Amazon will go directly to things like my monthly Zencastr payment for the podcast or the annual costs for this website and my hosting account.

You will mostly find these affiliate links in the description for podcast episodes, but please feel free not to use them. I do these series because I think they’re important, not to seek funding. I won’t monetize the content as long as the Army is involved in some way, but there have been people who have asked about supporting this effort so, if you feel like buying one of the books mentioned and you opt for the Amazon Associate link, the $1 or whatever that goes to me will go directly to this completely unfunded project.

No worries either way! 🙂

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